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GPS 7100 (Real-Time)

7100 (Real-Time) Vehicle Tracking/Recovery System

Includes Magnets and Waterproofing

The GPS 7100 is a very reliable web-based real-time vehicle tracking and/or vehicle recovery system. The 7100 uses GPS technology to accurately determine the exact location, speed, and direction of travel of your vehicle. The unit has 3 inputs which can be connected to your vehicle’s alarm system or airbag inflation system to inform you if your alarm is going off or if your airbag was inflated. You can also use the GPS 7100 to disable your vehicle from driving anywhere in the event that it was stolen. The GPS 7100 is very easy to install on your vehicle. It comes with a single antenna and a power cable that connects directly to your battery or fuse box.

FAIR and FLEXIBLE Tracking Prices

Location Updates
Price per vehicle
Location Update
1 - 49
50 - 99
100 - 499
500 - 999
No Set Monthly Fee, just pay as you go

Fair And Flexible - Example 1
You own a vehicle and install a LandAirSea 7100. You did not have to track your vehicle for the first few months. Since you did not track the vehicle, you did not pay any fees. Suddenly your vehicle is stolen. You go online, track (ping) your vehicle’s location, and contact the police. Your vehicle is recovered, your fee: 25 cents.
Fair And Flexible - Example 2
You own a vehicle and you always want to know where it is. The 7100 unit is set to automatically update its location every 15 minutes if the vehicle is moving. The vehicle is driven about 8 hours a week or 32 hours a month. That means you use approximately 128 automatic location updates per month which will cost about $5.75 for the month.
Fair And Flexible - Example 3
You own a car dealership and sometime you offer your own financing to certain customers. You have 100 vehicles out there that fall into this category and every vehicle has a LandAirSea 7100 unit installed. Occasionally, you need to track the location of one of these vehicles. To track the location, you simply go online and for the low cost of 25 cents, you can immediately locate the vehicle.

"It's like having your own Private Investigator
at a fraction of the cost."

Your Price: $595
Track the instant location of your vehicle, anywhere in the U.S.

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